Cloudstock Mini Hack #1 | Salesforce Developers Blog

Hey guys, following on from Mini Hacks last week at Cloudstock, I thought I’d post the challenges here in the blog so y’all can share your solutions in comments.

If you can’t read the text on the graphic, here is what we called the Integration Hack~

Challenge: Integrate a application with a web service hosted at Heroku


  • This challenge requires a Developer Edition account:
  • Write functionality which, upon creation of a new Contact will submit the Contact’s First, Last Names and Email address to the web service at using the following JSON format:
    “firstName”: “Marc”,
    “lastName”: “Benioff”,
    “email”: “”

Submit Your Results:

  • Follow the directions in the reply from your web service call

That’s it! Feel free to post how you solved this and what your return result was.

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