Last week I got the chance to drive up to Milwaukee, courtesy of the Wisconsin User Group and organized by Andy Ogenoff and Julia Napolitano. I was there to talk about using jQuery with Visualforce (which I will cover in an upcoming post), but before I was up – there was Brian Kwong talking about adopting developer skills to help out his daily role as a Salesforce administrator. When I asked Brian, known now internally at his company as a “Salesforce Wizard” (and has the hat to prove it), to give me a couple sentences on the impact of this – he said:

I created my first page in December 2008. The very first functionality was the capability to select and edit multiple records at once. This is a huge win for the end users. The end users needed to update many records every time they contacted a client. Before this page it was done with handwritten notes or tab open for every record. This is confusing and time consuming. With Visualforce, they can now click a handful of checkboxes and modify all they want on a single page – no paper required. That’s easy. That’s fast. That’s powerful.

On March 15th at Cloudstock – we’re doing something we haven’t done at Cloudforce event before … we are offering three Hands On sessions to help people get Visualforce, Apex and Chatter skills under their belt. These are sessions where you will need to bring your laptop, we will give you an introduction to the concepts and then lead you through exercises to get you up to speed.

This is free, but spots are expected to be quite limited. So if you haven’t made plans to head out to Cloudstock – now might be a good time to do so. Register today. Become a Salesforce Wizard, make your job easier and your users happier.

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