Drinking Our Own Champagne: Database.com Docs Run on Heroku! | Salesforce Developers Blog

Amongst all the new Spring ’12 features that were just released, there’s one that the platform doc team is especially proud of – our new Database.com online help system! Built entirely on Heroku using CouchDB and Websolr add-ons, this online help is the first version of a new architecture that will soon enhance the way you browse and search for developer doc content on both www.database.com and developer.force.com.

Features we’re considering for future releases include:

  • Additional content, like developer guides, workbooks, and discussion board posts
  • Tools for filtering and sorting search results
  • A place for readers to leave questions, comments, and best practices on every topic

Check out Version 1 at http://docs.database.com/ and let us know what you’d like to see in your dream doc portal.

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