Are you registered fo r Cloudstock yet? If not, and you’re local to Northern California (or will just be in the neighborhood) on March 15th then you should be. Here’s the link, we’ll wait for a moment while you go register.

<tapping foot, whistling>

Okay, all set? Great.

Instead of the usual all-day or multi-day Hackathon, we’re changing up the format a bit and offering a collection of “Mini Hacks” instead. There will be six challenges, each with a different technology focus and skill levels, that should take approximately 30 minutes if you’re working at your appropriate skill level. If you want to try something over your skill level, we’ll do our best to help you along. If you’re working way under your skill level, then well, as your mom might say “You’re only hurting yourself.” Cue the disappointed look from us.

The objective for these six Mini Hacks is to give participants a chance to try out developing with new technologies. We’ll have technical resources available to lend a hand if you get stuck, and you’re free to collaborate with others on your solutions as well. We’ll be giving away lots of great prizes for successful solutions, including Rokus and Jamboxes, among others.

See you at Hackathon HQ at Cloudstock on March 15th!

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