Have plans this weekend? No? Nothing special? 


OK, well let me help: submit your idea for Grab The Gold from AppExchange Checkout, and then get started on building your great new app.

Why do I bring this up?  If you’ve read this far, you’re either completely obsessed with my every scintillating post (love that definition) OR maybe, just maybe, you want a little more out of your development career.

I’m a bit of a junkie when it comes to how entrepreneurs kick things off and while there’s no single path to success they all start the same way: by starting.

Yes, that sounds self-evident.

Yes, it seems obvious.  (And, ok, maybe a little hackneyed.)

But I guarantee you this: there’s someone out there reading this, someone who wants to be a successful app developer, someone who wants to launch a successful business, but who will, instead of taking this opportunity, spend their weekend doing nothing special.

Which is too bad, because they will have missed a great opportunity to take the first step.

Yes, it’s true: you might not win the grand prize. After all, there are no guarantees.

But getting started is a win in and of itself.  And there’s a free security review in it for you.  And if you win the grand prize, there’s $10,000 and a free Dreamforce 2012 pass. (Yes, there are great second and third prizes, too.)

Hurry.  This opportunity expires on Monday, April 2, at 8am PT.  (Yes: 8am.)

Check out the details over on the Grab The Gold site and make this weekend count.

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