CodeTalk is a new pilot program for developers to have their technical queries answered via a live screencast and chat. Each CodeTalk episode will be a live, unscripted 30 minute Q&A session dedicated to a specific topic and hosted by yours truly and Quinton. You can submit your questions either via chat or Twitter (using the #codetalklive hashtag) and we’ll try and answer as many of them as possible. Along the way, we will also highlight and discuss some of the more interesting and thought-provoking questions via the live screencast.

Think of CodeTalk as the bizzaro version of a webinar. Instead of us presenting a topic and leaving some time at the end for Q&A (as we do for webinars), Code Talk is all about the Q&A. Think Car Talk (for those familiar with the popular NPR radio program) for developers. At last check, Quinton and I were still fighting over who would be Click vs Clack, but hopefully we’ll have that sorted out soon.

For the inaugural CodeTalk, join us on April 24th at 8am PDT to discuss all things Apex. Even if you don’t have a specific Apex question, you’re welcome to listen in to the conversation by pointing your browser to the CodeTalk home page. Hope to see you then.

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