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The other week I posted some code about using the Mobile SDK and SplitView Controllers in XCode projects. The code was based on the iPad project demoed at the Cloudforce San Francisco. Since posting the code snippets for the SplitView Controller, and also for using the Mobile SDK to exercise the Chatter REST API (or any REST based API available from the platform), I have had a bunch of questions on specific parts of the project. This morning, fresh from a mini-cation, I thought it would be easier to post the entire project to Github.

The MobileSDK-SplitView project uses the Warehouse app schema from the Workbook, and is a great way to quickly build an iPad app to access and As soon as I have some time I will also make it into a templated project to allow you to dynamically add your consumer key and redirect URL, but for now, you will need to change the following variables in your AppDelegate.m

If you have any additional functionality that you would like to see in the app, please create a pull request, or drop me a note and I will add it to the project. My goal would be to make this a great canonical app that goes beyond your typical HelloWorld app.

Finally, if you are in London on May 22nd, make sure you register to attend Cloudstock (It’s free!). We will be having a bunch of MobileSDK sessions, and great content.

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