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It’s sunny and warm even here in windy Chicago – which can only mean one thing: our Summer ’12 release is ramping up and you’ll want to make sure you’re prepared for all the changes coming down the pipe.  We’ve got features from Spring going generally available, updates to our API’s, changes to JavaScript Remoting, new features for the Developer Console, added functionality for Schema Builder and some great new tricks in store for SOQL and Apex.  What should you do to make sure you’re all set?  Here’s a breakdown:

1. Read the release notes.

2. Sign up for a Pre-Release Org.

3. Register and watch the upcoming Summer ’12 webinar on May 16th with Sandeep and Pat.

Watch this space for highlights in the coming weeks, and bookmark the release page on to get an overview of all the upcoming changes, preview upcoming related events, and to catch things like the YouTube recording of the webinar once released.  Break out the sun protection, developers, this release is looking pretty bright.

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