For your reading pleasure, we’ve updated the developer documentation on and It reflects the new Summer ’12 Salesforce release (API version 25.0). In addition, there are some new docs you might want to check out.

  • The Open CTI Developer’s Guide is now available. This guide describes how to use Open CTI to build computer-telephony integration systems that integrate with Salesforce.
  • Customizing Case Feed with Visualforce is now available. This guide describes how to customize Case Feed with Visualforce components.
  • The REST Metadata API Developer Guide is now available. This guide describes the Metadata REST API, a RESTful API for retrieving and deploying setup information in your organization. Note that this feature is currently pilot. To sign up for the pilot, contact
  • The SOQL and SOSL Reference is now available for both and This reference information was formerly part of the SOAP API Developer’s Guide and has been moved into its own reference guide.

Also, the Web Services API Developer’s Guide has been renamed to SOAP API Developer’s Guide to avoid confusion with other Salesforce Web service APIs, such as the REST API.

Let us know what you think! Also, remember that earlier versions of the documentation are always available at (and at for

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