Here’s another batch of videos to help keep your summer Salesforce work on the cool side.  If only they came with little paper umbrellas…

Learning About Sync Directions (Salesforce for Outlook)
Learn how to view sync direction settings and find out whether you have permissions to change them. This video also describes how your administrator determines what you can sync, the sync directions, and whether you can change these settings.

Tips for Scheduling Reports
Get tips on scheduling reports in Salesforce. Learn how to make your scheduled reports run with an active running user, be sent during off-peak hours without impacting performance, and get emailed to the right users.

Announcing the “Who Sees What” video series!

We’ve created a series of concept videos for Salesforce administrators meant to address common questions about roles, profiles, and data visibility.  We’ve got a few more up our sleeve, so keep an eye out for future videos. We hope you find them useful!

Who Sees What: Overview
This quick overview covers the main features in Salesforce that determine the visibility of, and access to, data that every administrator will need to set up for their Salesforce organization. This is the first in our “Who Sees What” series.

Who Sees What: Organization Access
The second video in the “Who Sees What” series describes how to grant users access to your org by specifying both login ranges and login hours.

Who Sees What: Object Access
The third video in the “Who Sees What” series describes how to grant users access to objects by using profiles. Profiles determine which objects users have access to, and what rights they have on each object.

Who Sees What: Organization-Wide Defaults
The fourth video in the “Who Sees What” series describes how to set the default sharing settings, which determine the access users have to records owned by other users.

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