It’s a big week: there’s Canada Day in….er….Canada, Independence Day in the United States and here in the land of AppExchange Checkout it’s the day I get to FINALLY talk about the 15 apps competing for $17,500 in prizes (and two Dreamforce conference passes) as part of the AppExchange Checkout Grab the Gold Developer Challenge.

We announced the contest back on March 15th, as part of Cloudforce San Francisco.  The rules are simple.

  1. Create a new app.
  2. Sell it via AppExchange Checkout.
  3. The app with the most active, paying accounts managed through AppExchange Checkout wins $10,000 & a pass to Dreamforce 12.

What is AppExchange Checkout?  It’s a great new way to buy apps on the AppExchange.  Simply find the app you need, enter your credit card number and you’re off and running.  (If you’re a partner, find out more about AppExchange Checkout on the Partner Portal.)

AppExchange Checkout apps are easy to try, configure and buy, and they’re all Aloha apps as well so most will with group, professional, enterprise and unlimited editions.  App publishers using Checkout can configure whatever trial period they like, and can also select whether they want you to enter your credit card up front or once you decide to buy.  Either way, subscribing or canceling is both easy and painless.

Now it’s your turn!  Take a look at each one of these apps and see which might be a good fit for you.

LeadSpeed — qualify more leads, faster.  Select your target leads from a list view and start working them faster than ever before.  From Cloud Artillery.

Group Alerts for Chatter — push criteria based alerts to Chatter Groups. Like Cloud Swarm, but without the challenges of following every matching record  — from Radial Web Solutions / Kevin Swiggum.

Drag, Drop & Attach Multiple Attachments — quickly add multiple attachments using drag and drop.  From Cazoomi.

Rollup Helper — custom rollup fields without Apex — from Passage Technology.

SalesLoft Stream — Actionable Intelligence for sales reps — near real time feed of lead, contact and account related news — from SalesLoft.

Email Scheduler — Schedule emails to send at a future date and time. From RGB Technologies. — easy polling, right in Chatter.  Have a burning question you need help answering? presents your users with two choices and see what the wisdom of crowds has to say.  From Tim Inman.

Click To Dial — an easy Click to Dial service that requires no special software to install. From Predictive Dialier Limited.

Ready Set Prep! — a great prep tool for Salesforce Certification — from Ted Husted

Add To Campaigns (Multiple Campaign Picker) — easier than ever to add Leads and Contacts to Multiple Campaigns. From OnPath Business Solutions.

Renewal Management for Salesforce — automatically creates Assets, Entitlements, Service Contract and Renewal Opportunities based on configuration settings. From BoonPlus.

Done — Advanced task & activity management. Mass create, edit and post to Chatter. From Kinetic Growth.

Yardstick – Page View Tracking & Reporting — Understand and optimize custom application effectiveness. From Admin Methods.

Salytics Usage Analytics — track where your users are going and what they’re doing. From Salytics.

Campaign Manager Tool — With this tool you can manage campaigns with thousands of records, filtering by some values if you want.  From AMP Solutions

So there you have it — your Grab The Gold competitors.  Watch for more detail on the apps in the coming weeks.  I’d love to hear about your experiences with them.  Drop me a comment here or a review on their AppExchange listing when you have a chance to take a look.

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