Stack Overflow is a developer-centric Q&A board that has great features such as syntax highlighting, advanced tagging, user profiles and community voting. Their board format is extremely easy to use and navigate, and the Salesforce technology community has been growing over there.

There has been a proposal to create a Salesforce-specific Q&A board, called a Stack Exchange that covers the gamut of platform development and issues all the way up to declarative development; beginner to through expert level questions are all welcome. This new Stack Exchange is entirely community supported, and will be a welcome complement to our current discussion forum and other Developer Force technical resources.

Rock star Matt Lacey has been spearheading the effort and this is what he had to say about this exciting development:

“It’s great to see Salesforce supporting a Stack Exchange Q&A Site, it will become in an invaluable community resource with all types of users, developers and administrators in one place. Once the site is live I hope everybody will realise why I’ve been blathering on about it so consistently for the last six months or so, and discover for themselves the power of the Stack Exchange model. “

If you’re interested in finding out more about this proposal and/or supporting it, just go to the proposal page, find the “Commit to this proposal!” link at the bottom and join the community. Sign on and be sure to give your feedback to shape the community over there.

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