Apex is the programming language for the Force.com platform that lets you develop database triggers, custom UI, integration services and much more. If you’re a developer new to the Force.com platform, or an existing Salesforce Admin looking to stretch your declarative chops to the programmatic side of the house, you’ll need to understand where and how to use Apex. To that end,  Josh Kaplan (Senior Product Manager for Apex) and yours truly will be hosting a ‘Intro to Apex’ webinar on July 24th. We usually have two runs for our webinars – at 7am PDT and live repeat at 10am PDT. However, we saw overwhelming demand for this webinar as soon as registration opened and we sold out the 7am run within a couple of hours! The 10am run still has a few open slots available, but we’ve also added an additional run at 12pm PDT (something that the producers of the new Batman movie should also do when the movie opens later this week!). Please register for either the 10am or 12pm time slot and join us to learn more about the why, how and where of developing with Apex. If you’re unable to attend any of the three live sessions on July 24th, we’ll also be posting a recording of the webinar later next week.

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