I’m very exicited to be writing this article today. Why? Well, I’ve never written an article like this before. Ever. This is unique and exciting and I couldn’t be happier to do it.

Here’s the deal, starting with a little background.

A key requirement for Force.com Labs apps has always been that they are open source. Salesforce.com publishes these apps under the very permissive BSD license, and I’ve heard many examples of companies adapting these to meet their own unique needs. This is what we want and has always been our intention.

However, today, for the first time, Passage Technology, a great partner with substantial expertise in the program and project management field, is offering a commercial, supported, and enhanced version of a very popular Force.com Labs app, Milestones PM.

“Project management is a function that all organizations need to have, and we’re happy to help Salesforce CRM customers achieve success by bringing more visibility to the health of their projects.” – Jerry Reid, Partner, Passage Technology

Fully Supported Portfolio, Program and Project Management

Their new version is appropriately named, Milestones PM+. Visit the new AppExchange listing and be sure to sign up for their webinar.

Milestones PM+ includes everything you’ve come to love about the original app. Simple interface. Detailed project statistics. A Gantt chart. But Passage Technology wanted to offer even more.

For example, they’ve added their expertise around portfolio and program management. They’ve also added detailed support for goal alignment. And they’ve introduced the concept of iterations and backlog management.

“Communication and keeping track of the bigger picture is 90% of the job of project management and it requires more than just task management and scheduling to be effective.” – Brent Gossett, Partner, Passage Technology

Dedicated Support, Detailed Roadmap, Conversion Assistance

The forces behind Passage Technology, Jerry Reid and Brent Gossett, have spent most of their careers helping organizations do a better job managing projects across the enterprise. Milestones PM+ is the result of this work and their experience with another app, Agile PPM.

One of the things that excites me about this release is that Passage Technology is extending their support services to any Milestones PM user. (You’ll want to contact them for details on their offer.)

Passage is also building a detailed roadmap for Milestones PM+, and they are eager to hear your feedback on the new app.

Another exciting fact: Reid and Gossett have already helped existing Milestones PM users migrate to their enhanced solution.

Find Out More

Find out more by visiting the new AppExchange listing and be sure to sign up for their webinar.

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