is the leading cloud platform that enables you to build applications quickly with friendly point-and-click tools.  On July 12th, I held a webinar about building point-and-click cloud apps with Shannon Hale (@shannonsans). We held a Q&A session at the end for any questions about point-and-click app building and had lots of great questions but not enough time!

Did you attend the webinar and have an unanswered question? Have you built an app or a piece of one? Do you have questions about the process or the tools involved? 

We are going to be doing something a little different this month for CodeTalk. We will be hosting a Learn to Build Apps CodeTalk that will focus purely on community questions based around our point-and-click app building tools. If you have any questions around the platform (for example workflows, formulas, validation, perm sets, schema builder, etc) join us and ask them. I will be hosting an on air session alongside Sandeep Bhanot (@cloudysan) and Michelle Jowitt (@mjowitt) to give you answers!

We will be answering questions live, and will have several experts in the chat window answering questions directly as well. Please join us on August 1st at 10am PST!

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