We are excited about a new area for the Dreamforce Developer Zone this year – an Unconference area where the community will propose sessions, vote for the sessions they want to see, and ultimately present those sessions to the larger community. This is your chance to create your unique Dreamforce experience and share your knowledge with the developers attending.

What Is An Unconference?

An Unconference works a lot like a regular conference, with the big exception that the topics are proposed and selected by the Unconference attendees. It’s a loosely scheduled area where you drive the agenda by voting on sessions. Plenty of open space lets you form a group on the fly. This is your opportunity to drive the discussion and meet like-minded developers. The Dreamforce Developer Zone Unconference will run all four days of Dreamforce, and be headquartered in the Developer Zone. Four session areas will be open throughout the Unconference, each with seating for 10-15. Perhaps you had an idea for a session that didn’t make the breakout sessions; or you’re looking for a casual spot to continue discussion from an earlier session – this is your place.

We’ll be gathering feedback from the community throughout the month of August on the sessions you want to hold and hear from. Please add your ideas, submissions, and comments and vote up the best session proposals at the Dreamforce 2012 DevZone Unconference Forum. We’ll schedule many sessions in advance of Dreamforce, but if you’re a last minute thinker never fear – we’ll have an area for day-of signup as well.

Follow These Steps to Join The Unconference:

  1. Check out the list of proposed topics and vote for your favorites. Add an idea you want to speak about and put it up for vote! Note you get 25 votes total so choose wisely! (You’ll get your votes back if the session is selected for Unconference)
  2. Share with your networks – it’s easy for you to promote your session idea via Facebook or Twitter.
  3. Voting will end August 31st, at which point we’ll select the highest-ranking sessions and then schedule them on Agenda Builder. From there, Dreamforce attendees can sign up for sessions. Share your session idea and tweet about the event using #devzone.
  4. We’ll schedule many Unconference slots in advance, but there will be open Unconference slots for anyone to reserve during Dreamforce. When you’re at the conference and inspiration strikes, head to the Unconference area in the DevZone and sign up for a speaking slot.

The Rules: (just two)

  1. The Unconference is designed for Dreamforce attendees. Only those already registered should sign up for Unconference sessions or vote for sessions. (Not signed up yet? What are you waiting for?)
  2. If you sign up to speak, moderate, or organize a session; you follow through at the assigned session time.

Ready to share your Unconference idea? Get started!

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