For those of you local to the bay area, Hacker Dojo, a valuable community resource is facing some challenges with their space. It seems they will need to bring the building up to spec or face eviction. You can read about the situation in a few different places, such as this story at the New York Times, or this one in Business Insider.

We have held a few events at Hacker Dojo, and worked with the guys there in building a mutually supportive community. Hacker Dojo is a great space to hang out, meet other techies, and build community. It would be a great loss for the developer community if they had to close.

How can you help? There are a number of fundraisers going on to help defray the cost of meeting code and staving off eviction. Taking part in any of these would be great. Additionally, there is a KickStarter campaign taking direct donations.

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