Last month, Dana blogged about the proposal to create a Salesforce-specific StackExchange site – an entirely community-supported question and answer site covering all things Salesforce – from fixing your formula field logic to optimizing API call usage from an external app. Since then, things have moved rapidly, with a private beta starting on July 31, allowing participants to ‘seed’ the site with questions and answers, moving into public beta a couple of days ago.

Despite the ‘beta’ tag, is now very much open for business, with 146 questions, 92% of which have one (or more) answers. The StackExchange model (best known from the original StackOverflow site) supports community moderation. Participants vote on the most useful questions, answers and comments, flag questions to be closed as duplicates, and can discuss the direction of the site on the ‘meta site‘. Votes received count towards your reputation, and higher reputation scored confer superpowers such as the ability to edit questions and answers, maintain the ‘tagsonomy‘, and more.

Go check it out, ask a question that’s been bugging you, answer a question or two if you can, and leave a comment here with your first impressions of this Salesforce community initiative.

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