The admin setup menu can be overwhelming at first; however, just like a new city seems smaller as you learn your way around, so does the admin setup. The setup tree is separated into three parts which are organized to help customize different aspects of your app.  In addition, the Setup homepage provides shortcuts to make building and managing your applications quicker and easier.

This video will give a brief overview of how to navigate the setup tree, how to get the most use out of the setup homepage, and where to find key elements for app development.


Personal Setup

  • Customize your settings
  • Change your personal information
  • Edit your chatter settings

App Setup

  • Customize standard objects
  • Create custom objects, apps, tabs, etc. for application development
  • Create workflow and approval flows
  • Create custom code for classes, triggers, pages, etc.

Administration Setup

  • Manage users and their permissions through roles, profiles, permission sets, etc.
  • Configure sharing and security settings
  • Import, export, and transfer data
  • Monitor various jobs and logs of activity
  • Make it mobile

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