Developer Trivia Lets You Show Your Stuff #DF12 #DevZone 6:15p | Salesforce Developers Blog

It’s Day 0 of Dreamforce 12 and you can see that the #DevZone is in full swing.  (Yes, nerdy as it is, our Dreamforce day counting really is 0 based.)

Tonight at 6:15p is a special opportunity for you to show your stuff at Developer Trivia.  Join myself and Evangelist in Chief Dave Carroll in the Developer Theater.  There will be refreshing beverages, friendly competition and you’ll get to fill out your knowledge of slightly obscure but completely useful platform trivia.

Some example questions:

  • What is the file size limit for uploading Salesforce Content?
  • What is the file size limit for uploading Chatter Files?
  • How many Namespaces are you allowed to generate per org?

I’ve personally added some great Winter 13 questions that should challenge even the most expert among you.

See you there!

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