If you were able to attend all of the 300+ developer sessions at Dreamforce this year, it would take over  1,483 Days.  That’s over 4 years!  Of course, we would love to keep Dreamforce going to make this happen, but alas we only have 4 days.  With that in mind, here are 3 luminary developer sessions you should add to your Dreamforce agenda builder schedule:

New Kingmakers: The Growing Influence of Application Developers (newly added)
Wednesday,  11:30a.m.  Developer Theater
James Governor (@monkchips), RedMonk

Developers are the most important constituency in technology today. Open source dramatically lowered barriers to adoption so developers could build on what they wanted to rather than what they’re given. Where open source removed barriers to entry in software, cloud did the same thing for hardware componentry. We’re seeing developer landgrabs in Operations (devOps), development methodology (Agile), Data Management (NoSQL and Big Data) and language choices (Ruby, Javascript). How is the business of procurement and application development changing as practioner choices come to the fore, and what are the implications for your business? In this talk James Governor will outline the new complexity, in a period of explosive innovation, and explains why and how developers are stepping up to navigating the new complexity – establishing which platforms win or lose in the process.

What Makes a Great API?
Thursday, 9:00 a.m. Room 2006
John Musser (@johnmusser), ProgrammableWeb

There are now thousands of companies with web APIs but not all APIs are created equal. What is it that makes a good API into a great API? How do you get developers to love your API? This talk will show you how based on our real-world experience at ProgrammableWeb where we’ve cataloged over 6,000 open APIs over the last 7 years. Building a world class API and attracting developers to it is harder than it looks. From technical questions about what protocol and what data formats, to security models, design patterns, and more. And perhaps just as importantly: how do you attract developers to your platform? This session is a deep-dive on helping you build better APIs and build a first-class developer ecosystem.

Developer Keynote: The Salesforce Platform
Thursday, 3:00 p.m. Gateway Ballroom

The world has gone mobile and social, and the way we work has fundamentally changed. Millions of people now use apps every day to get their jobs done. Developers need a new kind of platform built for this new world. Join the architects and technical leaders behind the Salesforce platform – the only platform designed for creating next generation apps – for an overview of the latest features and strategies on how you can create the next killer app today.

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