The Security Workbook is a hands-on guide to the Salesforce platform’s least-privilege, user-centric security model. It explains the various policies, rules, and grouping mechanisms that control login and access controls. You’ll learn about these components in a series of tutorials, each building on the previous tutorial by stepping through the development of a demo application.

These tutorials have practical examples that show you how to:

  • Create users manually by using setup pages and automatically through REST API.
  • Create functional access controls, including profiles and permission sets, and implement field-level security.
  • Create record-level access controls, with sharing rules, public groups, and organization-wide default sharing.
  • Implement security policies for authorizing users with password and login policies, session settings, and by limiting network access with IP ranges.
  • Learn about OAuth and mobile access by creating an OAuth application and a connected app.
  • Learn how to use audit controls.

After you complete the exercises in this workbook, you’ll be on your way to making sure that your users can log in easily and securely, and can do everything that they should but nothing that they shouldn’t.

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