Wow, I can feel the magic in the air with the double whammy of Dreamforce ’12 and Winter ’13 both hitting the developer community like a massive cloud blizzard (the good kind that gets you out of school).  Today’s Cloud Trivia on Twitter via @forcedotcom was a ton of fun.  A huge thanks goes out to everyone who participated–developers from all over the world.  I’d say you are ready to welcome Winter ’13 with open arms.

A round of applause for our winners! If you are on this list, email me with your mailing address.

Winner is you.

Abhinav Gupta
Andy Boettcher
Jatin Jain
Rakesh Aggarwal
Scott VonSchilling
Shivanath Devinarayanan
Vinod Kumar Tomar

And congrats to Scott VonSchilling who won the Roku drawing!*

* There were legal restrictions.

Want to review the questions and answers to see if you could have held your own too? Check out #cloudtrivia on Twitter.

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