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It seems like just the other day that we launched Canvas, the amazing new technology to allow any app, in any language to run within the Salesforce UI. Since this time, we have launched a pilot program and enabled every new Developer Edition org to take advantage of Canvas. Next week, on October 31st, we are hosting an introduction webinar to make it even easier to get started.

One of the amazing things I find about Canvas is that enabling apps is just that – enabling them, vs. building brand new apps. Sure, you can build new apps incredibly quickly with the Salesforce quickstart templates, but for many organizations they also need a way to unlock existing apps and make them as social as business must be. Canvas with its lightweight Javascript SDK allows developers to extend their applications to utilize the unified identity and context. During Dreamforce we demoed how one of our partners has taken SAP, and with Canvas, has created a social front end.

If you were unable to attend Dreamforce, or have been considering building Canvas apps, please join us next week to see how you can get started.

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