How to Load Data into Salesforce? Let Me Count the Ways. | Salesforce Developers Blog

Have you ever had trouble deciding how to load your data into or out of Salesforce? We have several different tools to help you do so, and each has different requirements, supported editions, and limits. With all these options, it’s easy to get confused. Before, to determine which tool best fit your needs, you had to look in several different places. You don’t have to rummage anymore!

We’ve published a comparison of all the ways you can import or export data, featuring both tools and APIs. For each of these, you’ll find information about:

  • Which editions support it,
  • How many records you can import or export, and
  • Whether it imports data, exports data, or does both.

Curious to see the entire table shown above? Check out Which Data Import/Export Tool Should I Use? in our online help! We hope this makes it easier for you to decide the best way to import or export your data, and saves you time and rummaging.

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