Hi all, you know we solicit nominations from time to time, and right now is a great time for you to send me your nomination for Force.com MVP.

We tend to keep our secrets close to the chest here, but I thought a little transparency to our selection criteria would be enlightening for you all to understand a little more about what makes a Force.com MVP, how you can become one, or help the person you love become one. Historically, there are quite a few new folks nominated with a great list of community contributions, but ultimately many of them do not quite meet the high expectations we have for an MVP, so I’ve written a short guide that should give you more clues of what we look for…

What is a Force.com MVP?

  • The first requirement, which I think all of you get quite clearly, is technological excellence. Over the past year since this program was launched, we have been getting great nominations of folks whose technical chops are beyond reproach. They write apps, they write tests, they are rock star programmers at their company, at which everyone there will vouch for them. Which brings me to the second pillar of MVP-ness:
  • MVPs share all that great technological knowledge with the community at large. They blog, they publish, they tweet and teach. You’ll see their names in print, you’ll find them presenting their technical papers at Dreamforce or speaking at their local user group meetings. They are folks whose accomplishments are easily googled and accessed. Why they do this brings me to the third facet that identifies an MVP…
  • They do all these in the spirit of growing the community, advancing the body of knowledge, and raising everybody’s game by disseminating knowledge. They are not just leaders in the community, they are stewards of the community. This is the one element that is most commonly missing in the MVP nominees who we ultimately decide not to offer Force.com MVP status.

To submit a nomination, please email me here, give as many details as possible. As always, please let me know if you have further questions on the process.

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