The Service Cloud helps you create and deploy customer contact centers in hours—a task that usually takes weeks or months to complete.  Due to the number of channels from which customers can contact your support team, building a contact center can be complicated.  But the Service Cloud simplifies things.  With a point-and-click editor, you can create Web, email, phone, and text-chat channels, and integrate those channels with a help desk so that agents can see all the information they need on one screen.

The new Service Cloud Workbook (link opens PDF) shows you how to set up multiple channels and integrate them with a help desk so that agents can respond to customers from any channel.  As you follow the tutorials in the workbook, you’ll learn about some of the basic Service Cloud features.  You’ll also see references to more sophisticated features that require code, such as Open CTI, Custom Console Components, and the Service Cloud Console Integration Toolkit.

The tutorials walk you through:

  • Setting up a help desk
  • Turning customer emails into cases automatically
  • Providing self-service on the Web
  • Integrating phone calls
  • Text-chatting live with customers
  • Storing and retrieving knowledge

After you finish the exercises, you’ll not only have more insight into how the Service Cloud works, but you’ll have a basic contact center to which you can add more features.

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