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(written by Kimberley Rathbun) is a Web content management system that makes it easy to build dynamic, data-driven Web pages quickly without having to write a single line of code. The Studio application provides a dedicated environment for creating, editing, and managing custom websites.

The new Workbook shows you how to build a sample website for fictional company Cirrus Computers. As you step through the workbook, you’ll learn some of the basic elements of the Studio design application.

The tutorials have practical examples that show you how to:

  • Create a site from scratch and import assets.
  • Create page templates to format your site.
  • Build pages based on the templates you create.
  • Create content blocks with text and videos.
  • Create a form that gathers input from your site visitors and then creates a Lead record in your org.
  • Set up a link between your org and the website that displays product information dynamically.

After you finish the exercises, you’ll not only have more insight into how works, but you’ll also have a fully functioning website that uses many of’s features.

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