The Doc team was on fire in Winter ’13 and created a whole slew of new videos to enhance your Salesforce experience…

Making Your Reports Run Faster
Find out how to optimize your reports and make them run faster. To boost report performance, you can remove unnecessary columns, set the scope for relevant data, use efficient filters with operators, and schedule reports or dashboards for later refresh.

Letting Your Salesforce Administrator Access Your Account
To help you, your Salesforce administrator may need to log in to your Salesforce account. This video demonstrates how you grant access for a specified amount of time without distributing sensitive information like your password.

Removing Users’ Access to Salesforce
Deactivating users in Salesforce removes access to their account data while preserving their historical activity and records. Learn why you would deactivate users rather than delete them, how to deactivate someone, then see what happens to their data.

Getting the Most out of Chatter Feeds
Use Salesforce Chatter to create posts, polls, and bookmarks to collaborate effectively with your coworkers. Learn how to post to your followers or a group, bookmark a post so you can find it later, and how to create a poll on the fly so you can gather results fast!

Building a Simple Flow Using Visual Workflow
Follow along as we create a simple two-screen pledge flow using user input fields and choices. We’ll collect users’ information, ask them to choose a pledge level, then thank them for their donation.

Encourage Collaboration with Idea Themes
Salesforce Idea Themes lets you invite community members to post ideas about specific topics so that members can solve problems or propose innovations for your company. Community members collaborate and add ideas to the idea theme, while you monitor their activities as they vote and comment on each other’s ideas until they find a winner.

Understanding Entitlement Management Setup
Learn how to set up Salesforce’s Entitlement Management feature. Entitlement Management helps your support reps determine which customers are eligible for certain kinds of support. This video covers Entitlement Management Milestones, Entitlement Processes, Entitlements, and Service Contracts.

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