1 Billion Transactions is Coming For those of you who like to dive in deep with the numbers and frequent trust.salesforce.com, you may already know that we are getting close to reaching 1 billion transactions per day (yesterday 11/08  hit 974,441,799). That is a huge milestone and wouldn’t be possible without developers creating innovative solutions on the platform.

Now … the big question is when will we hit the big 1 Billion? Make your best guess via our  Facebook poll and enter to win a cool Force.com hoodie if you pick the right day. Here’s how you play:

  1. Become a Facebook Fan on Developer Force.
  2. Vote for the day you think we will reach the 1 billion transaction milestone on this Facebook poll.
  3. Choose the correct day to be entered into the drawing (note: you can only vote once.
  4. The winner will be announced on this blog.

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