If you want to create an app for the AppExchange, but you’re having trouble picking an idea, I suggest watching the Dreamforce 12 videos on YouTube. There are 712 videos, and I guarantee you’ll find at least 500 great app ideas embedded in those presentations.

I can guarantee this because I’ve been watching the sessions. You can watch them with all of your attention or you can listen to them while you do something else. My personal favorite is listening to them while running on a treadmill.

However you do it, and whichever cloud you start with, if you engage with an ear toward solvable problems, you’ll find an app idea that seems tailor made for you.

Some recent examples.

I watched a Service Cloud session where one customer told of a custom one click status update app. Fantastic idea for anything with a status field.

There’s also a great Strategic Account Planning session where three different customers share three different approaches, two of which required a lot of custom code.

And sometime this week I’m going to tackle the Selling with Customer Stories session, because I know that’s a powerful approach, and I know there’s an opportunity there, too.

These are just a few examples of sessions where I’ve found ideas.

Chances are, if you watch these same sessions, you’ll come up with different ideas than I did. And the more sessions you watch, the more likely you are to find an idea that challenges and inspires you.

And that is a powerful combination.

If you’re ready to jump in, my job is to help you. Drop me a note or a Tweet to start the conversation.

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