We love a good tweet .. so keep ’em coming! Here our some of our favorite tweets of past week from the developer community. Follow @forcedotcom to join the conversation.

@salesforce @forcedotcom I’m a big fan of the new Id.getSobjectType method, no more pesky describe calls needed, Thanks! #Winter13

— Christopher Lewis (@ChrisAlunLewis) November 16, 2012

Spreading the @forcedotcom love tomorrow – full day workshop for 20 colleagues that have never touched the platform.

— Andy Ognenoff (@aognenoff) November 15, 2012

I fully expect my twitter feed to become a stream of knowledge over the next half hour. #winter13QA

— Jason Venable (@TehNrd) November 14, 2012

Loving internet on the flight @delta #forcedotcom #thisiscloudcomputing

— Kris Moyse (@MoysieK) November 12, 2012

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