Brazil Developer Week

Starting next week, Reid Carlberg and I will be taking to the Brazilian streets for a three city tour kicking off in Sao Paulo.  This marks a second international developer week this year, and there’s no indication of us slowing down anytime soon.  We’ll be going to Sao Paulo, Rio De Janeiro and Florianopolis, and if you happen to be in or in striking distance of those cities it is still not too late to register  for the events.  The day will be a mixture of hands on, mostly beginner but covering intermediate and advanced concepts as well.

These trips aren’t just an indication of a couple of guys from the Midwest trying to broaden their horizons (and work their way through Portugese), but recognition of the growing international landscape of the Salesforce Platform developer.  We have two burgeoning new user groups already in Brazil, one in Rio and the other in Sao Paulo, and with Sao Paulo being in Wired’s top twenty startup ecosystems – we’ll be expecting great things from our neighboring hemisphere in the year to come.

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