The discussion boards are the place to find tips, tricks and solutions for your most pressing development questions. Here’s a few of the more interesting discussions that caught our eye from the last week!

  • Help on VF Page “Scenario: Create a VF page which has a Account lookup and once you select the account by clicking lookup and click submit, it should display the contact list of that particular account. Once the list appears…”  Thanks Sam_SFDC15 for the solution!
  • Extension Method not being called “As far as I can tell, the StandardController isn’t recognizing variables from my extension but I can’t figure out why that is…”  Thanks sfdcfox for the solution!
  • Custom button executing Javascript “So I’m trying to execute Javascript from a custom button on the Event object.  The alert(result) is coming back with nothing…”   Thanks Kartik for the solution!
  • Need code/objects for custom button allowing: change status, change case owner, add commentURLs for Change owner and new comment for a certain case:  (How to make these dynamic for this escalate button?)”  No solution yet – can you help?
  • Pulling HTML of Contact and Opportunity Objects “I’m integrating salesforce with another system.  I’m trying to get either ‘html’ or whatever it would be called of the custom fields I need to map to integrate the two systems.” No solution yet – can you help?
Thanks to all for the great questions and knowledge sharing on the boards! Let us know if there’s a topic you think should be included in the next week’s post!

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