We’re proud to announce the release of Mobile SDK 1.4 to GitHub.

The latest release focuses on providing hybrid app developers more flexibility with multiple versions of a live app in production and greater control over session management.

Updated iOS and Android SDKs to Cordova 2.2
Make sure to update to the latest cordova.js and associated SDK JS plugin files when you upgrade. These can either be taken from the repo, or from a newly-generated hybrid template app

API Versioning
Cordova JavaScript libraries are now versioned to benefit hybrid apps that deploy multiple versions at the same time.
See “Versioning and Javascript Library Compatibility” in the “Introduction to Hybrid Development” chapter of the Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

Reactive Session Management for Hybrid Apps
Developers get more control over managing web sessions inside the hybrid container. Apps that previously relied on proactive session management will require some modification. Please upgrade with caution. (forcetk.js clients should not be affected.)
See “Managing Sessions in Hybrid Applications” in the “Introduction to Hybrid Development” chapter of the Mobile SDK Developer Guide.

Passcode Reset
Added option for users to logout from the passcode screen

Android Specific Updates

  • Library Project Settings
  • Login host settings externalized to an XML file
  • SQLCipher libraries updated to support the Android x86 Architecture
  • “UpgradeManager” can be used to handle SmartStore schema changes and other artifacts

iOS Specific Updates

  • SmartStore for native apps Xcode template

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