Reid Carlberg and I have barely been able to catch our breath since returning from Brazil about a week ago, so we haven’t had much of a chance to thank everyone who attended the three city tour.  The excitement we found was overwhelming, with every city along the way being completely packed.  We started in Sao Paulo, at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, or more commonly abbreviated PUC-SP.  We then flew out to lovely Rio de Janiero where I found it nearly impossible to not indulge in some beach time – the beaches are just too large to avoid.  We managed to swing by Corcovado, or as I like to call it “massive Jesus statue”, while we were there as well.  Finally we swung over to Florianopolis for an additional day with a room full of developers.  The day was a mixture of hands on training, presentations about building applications on the AppExchange and handing out great prizes with some Cloud Trivia.

We now have user groups in Sao Paulo, Rio and Buenos Aires.  We’re hoping for Florianopolis (actually a group  for all of Santa Catarina) to join soon.  It is always great to see our active community base grow internationally.

From the Salesforce side of things, I’d also like to thank Larissa Prairie and Eddy Perez for getting the idea kicked off the ground, and extra credit to Larissa for presenting (in Portugese no less) on opportunities for ISV developers and Eddy for organizing and planning.  Thanks to Yudi Nagata for helping bridge between Reid’s and my own complete lack of Portugese and the audience. And of course, tip of the hat to Reid for splitting the workshop presentations with myself.

Obrigado, everyone!  If you want to see more pictures from the event, we have an album up over at Google Plus.

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