Here our some of our favorite tweets of past week from the developer community. Follow @forcedotcom to keep up with these characters!

The Superman and the Spiderman of the whole webinar – Streaming API – @forcedotcom #forcewebinar – Yes the crowd is going wild – wow !!
— Abhishek S (@abhisheksubbu) December 5, 2012

Will be adding transient fields to some of my apex controllers in the very near future. Great advise. #forcewebinar @forcedotcom

— Daniel Goodwin (@dcgoodwin2112) December 5, 2012

.@forcedotcom Dude I love #bingo. Especially if developers are involved. But watch out. I’ve been “developing” my strategy. Get it? Eh…?

— Salesforce SaaSy (@TooSaaSy) December 6, 2012

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