Thanks to all who took part in our New Years Resolutions contest! Hundreds of you entered and we’ve already heard from several of you that you’ve completed all five resolutions! We randomly selected 25 winners from those who “liked” each resolutions post on Facebook. 100 winners won a t-shirt and a lucky 25 won a FREE developer certification exam! The full list of winners is below. If you see your name, please email me for next steps.

Thanks for starting off your 2013 with us! We’re so excited to see what amazing things you accomplish this year.

Aaditya Sharma T-shirt
Aamir Khan Certification Exam
Aamirz Aryanz T-shirt
Aashi Malhotra T-shirt
Abhinav Gupta T-shirt
Alexandra Klein T-shirt
Alma Avila T-shirt
Amit Sahu T-shirt
Amol Babar T-shirt
Anand S Shimpi T-shirt
Andrew Harshan Fernando T-shirt
Andy Boettcher T-shirt
Anil Bathula T-shirt
Ankit Arora T-shirt
Archana Panda T-shirt
Ashlekh Gera T-shirt
Ashvin Bhatt T-shirt
Ashwani Arora T-shirt
Asish Behera T-shirt
Austin Malherbe T-shirt
Balasubramaniam Nagendran T-shirt
Bipul Shil T-shirt
Bob Buzzard T-shirt
Carl Scott T-shirt
Chad Brown Certification Exam
Chamil Madusanka T-shirt
Chandrasekar Soundian T-shirt
Chiddu Chidambar T-shirt
Chris Zullo T-shirt
Clara Perez T-shirt
Cory Cowgill T-shirt
Dale Youngkrantz T-shirt
David Regenwor T-shirt
Dee Pak T-shirt
Dharma Paila T-shirt
Donna Blatch T-shirt
Dylan Smith T-shirt
Erica Smith T-shirt
Gaby Nieva Paredes T-shirt
Gary Bobzien Certification Exam
Gaurang Bhatt Certification Exam
Gaurav Parashar Certification Exam
Glenn Taculod Ocay T-shirt
Hemant Garg T-shirt
Hirotaka Manabe T-shirt
Honey Narang Certification Exam
Hope Bradford T-shirt
Jagannath Valaiyapathy T-shirt
Jaswanth Majety T-shirt
Jeff Jones T-shirt
Jessica Packard T-shirt
Joey Que Chan T-shirt
Johan Yu T-shirt
Kamlesh Chauhan T-shirt
Kapil Kumar Sharma T-shirt
Kaz Stitch Igarashi T-shirt
Kemi Le T-shirt
Ketan T. Kenia T-shirt
Khaled T. Kokhon Certification Exam
King Koo Certification Exam
Kiran Kumar T-shirt
Kiran Venkata Mutturu Certification Exam
Kishlay Mathur T-shirt
Kristin Grays Certification Exam
Linda Sirmans Fogleman Certification Exam
Luiz Santos T-shirt
Mammu Master T-shirt
Marlon Gutierrez Certification Exam
Mary Pustejovsky T-shirt
Matteo Sala Certification Exam
Meghan Morrison Certification Exam
Michael Norton T-shirt
Michael Rumsby T-shirt
Miguel Coimbra T-shirt
Nitish Kumar T-shirt
Okamoto Shima T-shirt
Otis Moon II Certification Exam
Pascal Vree Certification Exam
Paul D Krause T-shirt
Paul Witten T-shirt
Peter Gascoyne Certification Exam
Peter Martin T-shirt
Piyush Parmar T-shirt
Prakash Purswani T-shirt
Prashant Bhardwaj T-shirt
Praveen Kumar Certification Exam
Preeti Singh Certification Exam
Rafi Bhai Certification Exam
Rajendra Ogra T-shirt
Rajiv Patil T-shirt
Rakesh Raut T-shirt
Rkv Pratap Reddy T-shirt
Robert J Ferguson Certification Exam
Robert James Drain T-shirt
Sachin Agarwal T-shirt
Sadie Cook T-shirt
Sagar Pareek Certification Exam
Sanchit Singhal T-shirt
Sandeep Kr Singhal T-shirt
Saphann Thong Certification Exam
Satish Kalapatapu T-shirt
Sayak Kumar Gachchhit T-shirt
Shellia Clubb T-shirt
Shirisha Reddy T-shirt
Shivanath Devi T-shirt
Shivanji Padhiyar T-shirt
Simon Lawrence Certification Exam
Sneha Velineni T-shirt
Sonu Udhampuriya T-shirt
Sridhar Bonagiri T-shirt
Sudha Saxena Certification Exam
Suman Kumar Patro T-shirt
Suren Chaudhary T-shirt
Swapna Chennuri T-shirt
Takayuki Nakao T-shirt
Takeo Haseoka T-shirt
Tiffani Byrd T-shirt
Vijay Dwivedi T-shirt
Wanz Bhutia T-shirt
Wilder Gonzales Roman T-shirt
Wilma Fernandes T-shirt
Xin Wang T-shirt
Yoshitsugo Ito T-shirt
Yuji Yasuno T-shirt
Zain Askari T-shirt

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