Our community showed off their Spring ‘13 expertise today during a cut-throat round of Cloud Trivia on Twitter and Facebook.  Major props to all the newbie and seasoned developers who participated from all around the world.  What an exhilarating way to celebrate the new release!

For those who missed it, here were the questions:

Q: By what name were ‘Connected Apps’ previously known?
A: Remote Access apps

Q: What is the authorization protocol used by Connected Apps?
A: OAuth 2.0

Q: What 4 kinds of code artifact can the Tooling API manage?
A: Apex Classes, Apex Triggers, Visualforce Pages, Visualforce Components

Q: Which other Force.com API allows you to deploy code?
A: The Metadata API

Q: Which new tab was added to the Developer Console?
A: ‘Progress’

Q: Connect in Apex also known as the ___(a)___ API is the native representation of the ___(b)___ API.
A: a. Connect b. Chatter

Q: What VF component attribute allows you to send controller data into your Canvas app?
A: Parameters

Q: What standard field that was formally read only is now writable on update?

Q: What are two new object triggers you  can create for chatter in Spring 13?
A: CollaborationGroup and CollaborationGroupMember

Q: What does Force.com Canvas use to prevent XHR problems posting back to Salesforce?
A: JavaScript SDK

A round of applause for our winners! If you are on this list, complete this form so we can send you your prize.  Note: please only fill out the form if you are on the list! I’ll know. 😉

  • Kartik Viswanadha (x2)
  • Peter Knolle
  • Manos Spanoudakis (x2)
  • Nicole Spencer
  • Karanraj Sankaranarayanan
  • Ankit Arora
  • Clara Perez
  • Abhishek Sivasubramanian

Thanks again for playing Spring ’13 Cloud Trivia. Luckily the spring fever isn’t over yet!  Don’t forget to join us on February 7th for our Spring ’13 Tweet Chat for a live Q&A with our Product Manager and Developer Evangelists via #Spring13QA.

* There were legal restrictions.

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