To successfully build any structure that can stand the test of time, whether it’s a dog house or a skyscraper, you’ll get better results if you design it before constructing it. That same principle make sense with software development and implementation. Even though Salesforce solutions and applications are renowned for their ease of development, customization, and implementation, that doesn’t mean you can skip being a good architect during your app’s lifecycle.

What We Do

With that thought in mind, we are committed to providing our user community with great content that will help you architect and maintain awesome Salesforce cloud-based solutions. Whether you are a CIO, CTO, architect, developer, or administrator, the content we manage on the Architect Core Resource page is a valuable resource that we want you to know about.

So who’s “we,” you might ask? We are the Technical Enablement group within’s Customer Centric Engineering (CCE) team. We are bunch of software engineers within that think of ourselves as “architect evangelists,” dedicated to helping you better understand how things work inside our cloud platform. Take a look at the Follow Us sidebar of the Architect Core Resource page to learn more about us. And please contact us with your suggestions on what we can do to help you better achieve your goals.

Behold the New Architect Core Resource Page

The Architect Core Resource page I mention above has a new design. Along with a list of “go to” resources, we’ve added some dynamic areas to the page that we hope keeps you coming back to it on a regular basis. Every week, we’ll feature new content at the top of the page, and update the “From the Blog” and “Events” sidebars to focus your awareness on key content.

Architecting Apps, a Design Primer

One of our newest resources is Architecting Apps, a Design Primer, an article that’s perfect for folks new to Read it to learn the key concepts and features to design and architect apps that leverage the development platform.

Upcoming Webinar: Extreme Salesforce Data Volumes

Our team is also planning to deliver webinars this year that focus on architecture. The first one coming up on February 20 is Extreme Salesforce Data Volumes. Join us to:

  • Explore best practices for the design, implementation, and maintenance phases of your app’s lifecycle.
  • Learn how seemingly unrelated components can affect one another and determine the ultimate scalability of your app.
  • See live demos that illustrate innovative solutions to tough challenges, including the integration of an external data warehouse using Canvas.
  • Walk away with practical tips for putting best practices into action.

Don’t get fooled by the title: Although many topics focus on large data volumes, the recommendations in this presentation are equally relevant to smaller orgs. Make sure to register and reserve your spot today.

Architect Blog Posts

Last but certainly not least, you may have already noticed that our team is posting regularly in the Engineering section of the Developer Force blog. We want to help you be successful in your endeavors, so please drop us comments on our posts or let us know via Twitter what you are interested in reading about.

— Steve Bobrowski (@sbob)

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