Since we turned on Kudos on the Discussion Boards last week, we’ve noticed you’ve been using them to say “thanks” to community members who asked a great question or made a valuable contribution to a thread. You’ll notice the Top Kudoed Authors Leaderboard on the main discussion board page, and that each category has it’s own Kudoed Author Leaderboard – giving you a chance to rise to the top in multiple locations!

As you check out the Leaderboard to see where you land, note that you can also review a leaderboard for the Top Kudoed Posts as well as the Top Kudo Givers. Big thanks to BMinds & D-Horse for being the two users who have given out more than 5 Kudos since we turned the feature on! Keep ’em coming; kudos are soon to become very important!

For this week’s look at what’s Hot on the Boards, let’s look at some of the Top Kudoed Posts from the last week:

Profile Deployment Using Eclipse – kudos to Amit Rana

Need details on XML parser – kudos to Ankit Arora

Problem with actionsupport and commandbutton – double click – kudos to joshbirk

Error: Compile Error: Initial term of field expression must be a concrete SObject: LIST – kudos to Vinit_Kumar

Compare value give in vf page to value already stored in custom object as record – kudos to krisk

Did a community member come to your rescue with just the solution for your problem? Give them Kudos, and don’t forget to mark the post as “solved” – this will help out any future user who may be looking for the same thing. And if you’ve seen an awesome thread on the boards recently and you think it should get more recognition, let me know!

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