The latest  computer-telephony integration (CTI) offering from Salesforce is Open CTI.  It differs dramatically from previous Salesforce CTI offerings in that it doesn’t require users to install CTI adapter programs on their machines to use Salesforce with phone systems.  That’s right—no more client applications are necessary to use the features of a CTI system with Salesforce.

So how should you get started with Open CTI?  Look no further than the Open CTI Developer’s Guide (link opens Web page).  The guide explains that Open CTI is a browser-based JavaScript API, and it includes all the methods and code samples you need to build CTI systems that are browser and platform agnostic; for example, CTI for Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer on Mac, Linux, or Windows machines.

Open CTI functionality is available to your organization if you have:

  • The Service Cloud console
  • Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, or Developer Edition

To use the guide, you should have a basic familiarity with:

  • CTI
  • JavaScript
  • Visualforce
  • Web Services
  • Software development
  • The Service Cloud Console
  • Salesforce CRM Call Center

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