We love to hear from our community throughout the week. Here our some of our favorite tweets from the world of @forcedotcom. Shout out to these characters in our awesome community:

Oh my gosh, testing webservices has became ridiculously easy with the new “StaticResourceCalloutMock” functionality. #Thanks @forcedotcom !

— Hannes (@hellerbr) February 8, 2013

@atorman @forcedotcom This feature has absolutely changed the way I work as an admin. Probably my favorite enhancement ever.

— Evan Johnson (@evanshrugged) February 8, 2013

Another milestone day for me – passed 6,000 posts on the @forcedotcom discussion boards! twitter.com/bob_buzzard/st…

— Keir Bowden (@bob_buzzard) February 6, 2013

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