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A full house of @forcedotcom fans with @petercoffee at @phillyforce twitter.com/BotosCloud/sta…

— Matthew Botos (@BotosCloud) March 20, 2013

Fantastic info. Extreme Force.com Data Loading Part 1: Tune Your Data Model developer.salesforce.com/blogs/engineering/20… @forcedotcom

— Mary Pustejovsky (@mpusto) March 20, 2013

@forcedotcom Exploring force.com touch platform and feels great!Hybrid application development using SalesforceSDK i love it

— mohit srivastav(@msrivastav13) March 19, 2013

170 lines of test methods (including blank lines) with no less than 30 asserts. All working like a charm. @forcedotcom win.

— Matt Lacey (@LaceySnr) March 19, 2013

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