Naturally, we think every day is the perfect day for, but we picked every Friday as the day we’d bring you a brief 30-minute webinar that would demonstrate the power of We’ve been running sessions every Friday since January of this year, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. For people who have just downloaded their developer edition org and aren’t sure where to start, or those who want a look at what is possible with the platform, these Intro to sessions have been just the thing.

If you’ve attended one of our events before, either in person or online, you know that just as you’re guaranteed to see a Safe Harbor slide, you’re also guaranteed that we’ll ask you for your feedback. For Fridays; the main feedback I received centered around the timing of the sessions, and wanting to hear about Apex. I’m delighted to announce that beginning in April 2013, we’ll be offering sessions presented by our UK-based developer relations team, which will make it much more convenient for those of you in India and Europe to take part. And, we’re also adding an Intro to Apex session! You’ll get a quick look at Apex and will have the opportunity to ask those burning questions.

These new sessions are now open for registration, so please sign up for the session that interests you. We’ll be adding a new topic on the platform each month, all leading up to one 8-week series that would take you from just starting with the platform to looking at Visualforce, Apex, etc. I’ve already heard from many of you which topics you’re interested in, and welcome additional feedback! You can tweet me @thisisnotapril, and use the #forcefriday hash tag!

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