The Salesforce Territory Management feature is a great tool for allocating sales responsibilities across an organization—it allows sales representatives to better cover their sales territories, reduce selling costs, improve customer service, and measure their sales teams’ performance accurately.

Territory Management Solutions

Territory Management Decision Guide

The Territory Management feature’s benefits don’t make it the only tool for attempting to meet your hierarchy- and territory management-related needs. You should adopt the feature only if it’s a good fit with your organization.

But what territory management factors should you consider, and how can you know if those factors point you toward enabling the Territory Management feature?

The Territory Management Decision Guide outlines those factors—which include forecasting, rule source, sales structures, rule complexity, and performance—and aligns them with the questions organizations should ask and answer before enabling the feature.

Inside This Technical White Paper

If you download the PDF, you’ll find:

  • An overview of the Territory Management feature
  • The Salesforce Territory Management decision tree, which can help you decide if you should use the feature
  • Scenarios showing how organizations might use the decision tree
  • An introduction to alternative, platform-based territory management solutions

The Technical Enablement Message

Our main concern is helping you find the most effective territory management and forecasting solutions, regardless of where they come from. This guide will build your skills as a Salesforce architect by giving you a framework for examining your own organization’s structure and needs, guiding your territory management decisions, and maximizing your business success.

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