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@gwestr cheers, its the #forcedotcom geek equivalent of suffixing 007 on usernames 🙂

— Andy Mahood (@andymahood__c) April 4, 2013

Tuning into the #forcewebinar now. #gettingmylearnon

— Joe Sterne (@MrJoeSterne) April 3, 2013

@forcedotcom received a nice T shirt by building a simple application as a start. Thank you salesforce!!

— Amila Kalansooriya (@amilask) March 31, 2013

Here are some top salesforce developer jobs this week:

Salesforce.com Developer w/ #Developer #Salesforce skills France @p2people bit.ly/17hjt2T

— p2p SalesMarketing (@p2pSalesMarket) April 5, 2013

Are you a good fit for this job? Salesforce Developer in Watertown, CT bull.hn/l/12VBZ/6 #job

— Chadwick Laskey (@TMG_Chadwick) April 5, 2013

Job: Salesforce Force.com Developer in San Francisco, CA bull.hn/l/VZ8C/2 #job

— Ryan Fitzpatrick (@RecruitingCloud) April 5, 2013

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