It might come as a surprise, but I I only own one technical book – and what’s even more scary is that it is a physical (printed) book written almost 20 years ago. This book, Design Patterns, changed how I approach app development and design. I went from looking at lines of code and syntax to patterns and repeatable implementation processes. To this day, whenever I learn a new language, or approach, I look for patterns, and then apply them to code.

Over the past 18 months or so I have spent a LOT of time working with customers looking to build mobile apps, often using the Salesforce Platform as a mobile backend and connecting to customer data. During this time, a number of common patterns kept emerging. I finally carved out some time to put these mobile pattern down, first in code as part of a reference mobile application that includes a consumer app written with the new developer mobile packs (specifically backbone and bootstrap) that’s running on Heroku, and a Mobile SDK hybrid app, again using backbone, and also a tutorial on how to implement the patterns yourself.

Check out the Enterprise Mobile Patterns guide for five key design patterns for building mobile apps on the Salesforce Platform.

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