Hello World! My name is Ryan Upton and I’m a new member of Salesforce.com’s Developer Evangelism team. I’ve been a member of the Salesforce.com family for the past four and a half years, coming over from Sales Engineering and Technical Architect roles.
I love technology and I love our developers. I can’t wait to get out there and meet and share more with our 800,000+ strong, vibrant and I’m not too shy to say, downright good looking developer community.
I consider myself the consummate geek but I’m also a father and active community member. I try to find balance between my day job and life through work, church and volunteering. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve really enjoyed working on our new Mobile Developer Packs and kicking off our Mobile Developer Week. Great new things are in the pipeline and I’m super excited to be a part of them from the beginning.
One area that I really focus on is integration with Salesforce.com. Although there are a number of ways to accomplish this, discussed in detail at www.developer.force.com and our blogs, I’ve lately been spending more effort on Canvas apps. Since I’m a Java gear head from way back, I hack around mostly with the Java Canvas SDK. I’ve been working on a Summer 13 Force.com new features webinar with my colleague Samantha Ready, shout out to Sam, and really digging the new features that will be available when Canvas becomes GA with the summer 13 release.
So fresh off an inspiring Mobile Developer Week and newly inspired by our Canvas application framework, I thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to combine the two.” That’s what I did and in a future article I’ll show you exactly how.
But for now, hi, I’m Ryan Upton and I’m a servant of the community. Seriously! Tell me the things you would like me, and the Developer Evangelist team to talk about. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @ryanjupton

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