The San Francisco Bay Area is the world’s epicenter of high tech innovation, and works tirelessly to match and surpass the high standards set by the industry. So we were thrilled when the Society for Technical Communication acknowledged our quality work at the 2012 Touchstone Awards, covering documentation and videos created in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  • EXCELLENCE Award: The Salesforce Platform Mobile Services Developer Guide breaks down the various components of our mobile platform, from authentication to integrating native device features with HTML5 driven applications, allowing developers to create smartphone and tablet friendly applications that are deeply integrated with the Salesforce Platform APIs, programmatic logic, enterprise security and authentication features.
  • MERIT Award: The Who Sees What Video Series answers the common questions that Salesforce administrators have about roles, profiles, and data visibility.
  • MERIT Award: The Security Workbook explains the various policies, rules, and components that control login and access controls through a series of tutorials, which also showcase a particular feature of the platform.
  • MERIT Award: The Service Cloud Workbook gives you an introduction to creating a unified help desk for your support team. After going through six tutorials, you’ll have set up one screen from which your support agents can monitor and respond to customers from email, Web, phone, and text chat channels.
  • MERIT Award: The Cloud Flow Designer Workbook gives you a quick introduction to designing flows by following a series of four tutorials. You’ll become familiar with some of the basic elements of the Cloud Flow Designer, including creating and looking up records, configuring decisions and outcomes, using Apex as a plug-in to enhance functionality, and embedding a flow in a Visualforce page to make it available to users.
  • MERIT Award: The Integration Patterns and Practices Guide describes strategies (in the form of patterns) to help you integrate Salesforce with other applications. Each pattern describes the design and approach for a particular scenario rather than a specific implementation. is proud to be creating the innovative documentation and videos that help our customers succeed. So have a look at our award winning creations and let us know what you think! We’d love to hear from you @SalesforceDocs.

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